Top 5 Occasions Where You Can Wear Printed Sarees

Top 5 Occasions Where You Can Wear Printed Sarees

Nobody wear sarees anymore. Who even wears sarees regularly in this time?

A lot of Indian women!

Printed sarees, embroidered sarees and even the good all plain sarees are all in trend, as they have always been.

With saree came  into popularity, we figured we can share some ideas on some occasions where the incredibly affordable printed sarees could come handy.

1.   Daily Wear, Especially in Summers

Printed sarees in fabrics like georgette and chiffon are actually pretty good choices for daily wear, especially in summer. Don’t give into the fake claims of the fabric being too much. Saree is an outfit, which in summer fabrics, can be extremely comfortable for the scorching hot weather of India.

There’s a reason why women wore sarees in India even when there were no air conditioners and fans for added comfort!

So, drop those false ideas of sarees not being fit for summer and grab some printed sarees for summer wear!

       2. Wear Printed Sarees To Office

Formal sarees are a big thing in India. Be it a job in the fancy hotel chain or the top managerial position in a corporate office, boss women love to wear printed sarees. For a reason!

Printed sarees are also considered a top choice for  Indian women who are a part of foreign delegation. Such sarees not only make you stand out of the crowd but also help you send a message that you’re proud of your Indian culture.

For  printed office wear sarees, we recommend you to go with prints with small motifs (you can check our office wear sarees collection if you want to do some sarees online shopping) and fabrics like rayon and dupion silk. These fabrics set very well and allow a comfortable work atmosphere for you.

      3. Wear Printed Sarees For Outings With Friends

Who said you have to wear the sarees the good all way? These days women are wearing sarees in the most innovative ways. You could get your favorite crop top and wrap your saree around yourself with it. You could try different draping styles. All these are incredible ways to put together a chic and modern outfit for a shopping trip with your girlfriends. Try this out!

       4. Wear Printed Sarees For Farewell

We often get customers who ask for suggestions for sarees for farewell. For the young girls who haven’t had much experience with sarees, we always recommend one of these two – plain sarees and printed sarees. Both are great picks for they’re fancy enough but not too flashy, which suits the young Indian girl vibe the best!

       5. Printed Sarees For Party Wear Do Exist

Mostly, people have this misconception that party wear sarees mean embroidered sarees. It’s so not true! While the space for embroidered sarees stay safe, several other saree styles have been added to the party wear scene in India.

Women love to wear printed silk sarees – dupion silk, poly silk, rayon silk. We personally don’t recommend pure silk for it’s a nightmare to manage a slippery pure silk saree. Even if you silk isn’t something you want to go for, you can pick abstract printed sarees and team them up with fancy jewellery for a brilliant party wear look!

There you go ladies! These are the top 5 occasions where you can wear your extremely affordable printed sarees and make a real unique style statement. Don’t forget to check our online shop for easy and affordable printed sarees online shopping!