Ethnic wear is the new trend

Ethnic wear is the new trend

The clothes that a person wears defines him or her in many respects. The choice of clothing depends on the choice of fabric, the choice of Colors, and many other factors. Many a time, the person’s age and body type also have a role to play.

Now talking of the choice of clothing for any individual (specially women), the first question that arises in anyone’s mind is whether the garment should be western or Indian. Both the type of clothing has its own importance and worn in places where they deemed to be appropriate.

In today’s world, where the nation is emanating practices from the west, it is seen that more and more women start wearing western clothing.

In religious festivals and family occasions, the auspiciousness of the same lies in the woman of the household participating in the rituals while beautifully dressed in ethnic wear.

A young girl is wearing ethnic wear that once belongs to her mother or grandmother, is carrying her heritage and proudly flaunting the same.

In recent times, many foreigners too have adopted Indian traditional clothing because of the bright colours and beautiful patterns that catch the eye. But what makes women’s ethnic wear in India and abroad so popular? What relevance does it hold to society?

Top Reasons For Wearing Women’s Ethnic Wear

Even in today’s globalized and highly modern world, most Indian women are proud to possess at least one ethnic wear in their wardrobe.

Listed below are the most popular reasons why women’s ethnic wear has been embraced in India and Worldwide.


1. Adds to the Festivity:

The younger lot of Indian women are wearing jeans and tops for a significant portion of the year. On special occasions, when such women wear the saree or the lehenga or any ethnic wear, it adds to the overall festive feel.

It is not just the women who deck up who get those vibes. But also the men in their family get the festive vibe only by looking at them.

Moreover, the older women of the household who feel a certain amount of disconnect from this generation are also able to handle attach to them on such days.

3. Value for Money:

Unlike the contemporary styles of clothing, ethnic wear is something that will never go out of fashion.

Hence when one wants to buy an expensive outfit, investing the money in ethnic wear makes more sense as the same piece of clothing can be worn for years together.

In fact, in many families, it is seen that women pass on their ethnic wear to their daughters and daughters-in-law as these will never go out of fashion.

4. Suits all body type:

In general, the body shape of an Indian woman is different from that of her western contemporaries. Being curvier (and the weight often ending up on the higher side of the scale), looser clothes flaunt her body shape better.

The different types of Indian ethnic wear like sarees, salwar kameez, lehenga, etc. are free enough to accommodate that. The fact that the average Indian woman looks more gorgeous in ethnic wear as compared to skin tight western wear.